FAQ Section


How do you edit your photos? And do you do so before or after you show me the proofs?

I edit my photos with the Lightroom software on my computer. I like to edit my images to enhance the natural colors clearly, cleanly and boldly. 

What makes you different from other photographers?

Not only will I be your photographer, I’ll be your friend. I will work with you and for you to create your unique vision. I hope that my relationships with my clients continue to grow intentionally and genuinely. If you have any questions, ask away! 

How would you describe your photography style?

My style is natural, clear and bold. I like to think that I am the happy medium between light/airy and dark/moody.

Best settings for photos

Regarding camera settings: That depends on the location, lights, my options, etc.

I always shoot under exposed.

Regarding location: I love natural light!! Outside is where I thrive. Farms, lakes, fields, urban city areas, uptown, parking decks etc. I also love to peek into your lifestyle. So please invite me into your home or your favorite coffee shop! I can still work all my magic inside and am always looking for somewhere new to shoot!

How many pictures are taken at time of photoshoot?

I have no idea! I overshoot for sure. It is something I am working on. But hey! It’s better than undershooting. 

Do you have suggested poses?

Yes, I have certain poses that I like to begin shooting with just to help you feel more comfortable. Then, we will go into whatever naturally comes into my mind or whatever flows through you!

What should I wear?

Whatever you are most comfortable in. I suggest avoiding busy patterns or bright colors. You do not want anything distracting the eye from the emotion or beauty portrayed in each image. You also do not want your clothing to reflect bad lighting onto your skin. 

Where are we shooting?

Wherever you like!

What is your turn around time?

I make it my priority to get you your photos back as soon as possible. You will receive your photos no later than 4 – 12 weeks after your wedding event and 2 – 4 for a portrait session. You may pay an additional $400 to have your wedding gallery delivered to you within 2 weeks subsequent the event date. 

What is your favorite part about your job?

All of it?! I just love having the chance to encourage others to dig deep and find their natural strength, beauty and confidence. I want to give you a time to love yourself. Photography is an amazing art.  

Have you ever had any photoshoot/weddings that turned out horrible?

LOL. Not to my knowledge! Although I will say, I have learned a lot over the past year. I’ve learned that focus and composition is everything. No one wants half their foot cut off or half of the wedding party blurry. 

Can you pose me so I don’t look bad?

Yup! If you look awkward, I will position you differently. I take photos from different angles to make sure I’m capturing your best side! If you get tense, then I’ll have you shake it all out. Not to worry! We will have a lot of fun together. 

 Are you willing to travel? If so, for how much?

Yup! Wherever you go, I go. Anything over 50 miles outside of Washington, GA

is charged $1.27 per mile. Travel fee covers drive time, mileage and mobile equipment rental.

Do you have a backup photographer/second shooter?

I have a second shooter with me for full day weddings and you can add one for elopements. However, I do not have a backup photographer for portrait sessions. 

Where are some of your favorite spots to shoot?

Downtown Augusta, Downtown Athens, State Botanical Gardens, Diamond Park, Savannah Rapids Pavilion, Historic Fitzpatrick Hotel, Tybee Beach, Centennial Park in Atlanta.

When is the first time you found your love for photography?

I think the moment I had the revelation that I truly love photography and wanted to pursue it was when I was in college. My roommate's friend was a mass communications major and during the baseball game I picked up her camera and began to photograph the baseball players. It was a lot of fun and everyone loved the photos I captured!

What made you want to start photography? How did you get started?

After the baseball game, I kept thinking, “This was fun! I want to do this for a living. I want to help people and give them high quality pictures they will treasure".

After graduating college , I played around with my Canon camera by taking photos during family events, photographing dogs for pet families, and offering free graduation shoots. In 2019, I shot my first wedding, which was a solo gig. I would like to say the rest was history, but I am nowhere close to done. This journey has been a whirlwind with God’s grace leading me through it and I’m just getting started. 

What is your favorite thing to shoot?

Sports! Why? Because I love documenting the skill and hard of work of exceptional athletes.

From team photo sessions to game coverage, #goodtgallery will tell a story, your story, from beginning to end. Seasons fly by and once-in-a-lifetime moments pass that you will never get back. Feelings you will never feel again. Expressions you will never see again. These are the things we capture and curate into an online gallery for 24/7 viewing, sharing and instant downloading.

What are your strongest qualities as a photographer?

Building relationships and trust with my clients, willing to take on new things and challenges, creativity and high quality results.

What can I do as a client to make your job easier?

Be yourself! Don’t try to be someone you’re not in front of my lens. I want to know you. I want to see YOU!

How long have you been a photographer?

Officially?! Hmm . . .  April 2015 would mark the beginning of #goodtgallery.

What’s the vision that you have for our shoot?

Whatever your vision is! If you don’t have one, then we will develop one during the shoot. It’s all about your current vibe once you’re in my frame. We will go from there!

What is your preferred style of shooting?

Natural light is how I prefer to shoot. My style is natural, clear and bold. (between light/airy and dark/moody) Does that answer the question? 

Do you bring your own lighting?

I own an external flash. Maybe one day I will get fancier off camera lighting, but I don’t seem to need anything more right now. 

How many images can I expect to see from my session? Are they all retouched already?

I don’t have a specific number of images that I tell my clients to expect. If you want a range . . . 30 + per hour give or take. Yes, you will receive all the hand edited images only. 

Do you work from a shot list?

Yes! and the list is in my head (; 

What is your length of coverage?

  1. Portraits: approx. 1 hour
  2. Mini Session: 10-15 mins
  3. Events: 2 hours +
  4. Weddings: 6 hours +

Do I have the rights to print my photos?

Absolutely! All of my packages include a personalized gallery for you to freely download your purchased images and share however you’d like. 

For a wedding, would you come in for getting ready pictures?

Yup! We will make sure that your timeline allows for getting ready pictures if that is what you want. I love getting ready photos because it helps tell your wedding story from start to finish!  

How will you make everyone feel at ease in front of the camera?

  1. I make an effort to develop relationships with each of my clients. Developing relationships deepens trust which makes my clients feel more at ease. You’re not just another person I get to shoot, you’re my friend. Yeah this is a photoshoot, but we are just hanging out too! 
  2. I like to begin with some warm up shots – they can be traditional or funny! Whatever floats your boat. Unless you are having an intimate moment and are all up in your feels, I will be interacting with you the entire time. You will feel a consistent reassurance that you’re doing amazing and creating some sweet images. 
  3. If you are having an intimate moment with yourself or a partner, I will back off and let you soak in all your feels. If you’re up for it, I like to try and capture funny or ridiculous photos just because! This makes it both comfortable and fun for both of us.

Are you comfortable trying new things?

Yup! I love a challenge. Whatever you want, let’s hear it! 

How do you share the photos with me?

I send my clients a personal link which gives you full access to an online downloadable gallery. If you would like your full gallery on a USB drive, it would be an addition $100.

What do you look for?

In what? My clients? . . .My dream client is someone who is up for adventure. Those who will stop in the middle of the road and lay down to capture that perfect shot, who will jump into a lake fully clothed and who is okay with kissing their special someone 100x in front of me. I am always seeking someone who trusts me to create an original gallery unlike any other. There is no specific style that I want my clients to have. I love it all. From rustic to classic, hipster to preppy and cowgirl to city boy. Bring it on!

Can you do specific shots that I want?

Oh yes, we can mimic your favorite images while adding your own unique spin to it. 

Is your editing natural?

Yes! I think so. 

Is your package customizable?

Sure is! That is why I have A La Carte options. Select your add-ons on your pre-shoot survey.

Do you have online booking?

Nope. Just shoot me an email and we can chat more in depth. goodtgallery@gmail.com

How do you prepare for a shoot?

I like to get to know my clients as much as possible before the shoot. I even have questionnaires for my clients to fill out to help me prepare for our time together. 

Do you give subjects direction?

Yes! I am very hands on, hands off. While I will pose you and give you direction, I will allow you to move naturally from each pose. So sometimes you will pose yourself without knowing it! 

How many pictures will you take vs. provide me?

Again, there is no set number. Usually, I overshoot which is better than undershooting in my opinion. Depending on our time together, you’ll receive 30 + images give or take (per hour). The number of delivered images in a wedding gallery vary.

How large can the photos be printed before losing sharpness?

Depends on the photo! Typically, you can blow the images up pretty big! There are tools and resources you can use to figure out what the exact max dimensions a photo can be without losing sharpness.