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By seamlessly weaving together the joys of reading and the benefits of physical activity, "Books and Basketball" offers a unique and effective approach to empowering young minds.

Donations to this organization fuel the creation of safe spaces where children can discover the magic of literature while also embracing a healthy lifestyle.

Your contribution directly translates into more books, resources, and sports equipment, ensuring that each child has the opportunity to flourish academically and physically.

By supporting "Books and Basketball," you are fostering a generation that embodies not only the power of knowledge but also the strength of a resilient and active body, ultimately shaping a brighter and healthier collective future for Washington-Wilkes and beyond.


She has cultivated a diverse and impactful professional career, embodying the roles of a visionary business owner, a compassionate nonprofit founder, and an inspiring educator at Athens Technical College. With a deep-rooted commitment to social change and community empowerment, she founded a nonprofit organization that addresses pressing issues in Washington-Wilkes society (high gun violence, mental health issues and low physical activity).

Her journey as a business owner has been marked by innovation; she promotes financial freedom while also fostering an environment where creativity and collaboration flourish.

As a dedicated teacher at Athens Technical College, she is now shaping the next generation of leaders!

Supporters should invest in her endeavors because she is an individual who embodies passion, expertise, and a proven track record of making meaningful changes.

The combination of entrepreneurial acumen, nonprofit leadership, and educational dedication makes her a catalyst for transformation, ensuring that every contribution is channeled into projects and initiatives that create a better future for individuals, communities, and society at large.

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