A Flavorful Way to Make a Difference: Sponsor Our Nonprofit by Indulging in Hawaiian Delights!

Welcome to our blog, dear readers! We have an incredible story to share with you today – a story of passion, community, and the magic that happens when you combine the love for helping children with the joy of savoring delicious food. Get ready to be inspired as we unveil the heartwarming tale of Tiare Tatum, a nonprofit founder, and her culinary-genius mother, Meki. Join us on this journey and discover how you can be a part of this exciting endeavor.

The Story:

At the heart of this story is Tiare Tatum, a woman dedicated to making a positive impact on young lives. With a vision to provide underprivileged children in our community with access to both books and basketball coaching, Tiare founded a nonprofit organization. But, as noble as her mission was, she often found herself facing the challenge of funding her initiatives.

Enter Meki, Tiare's mother, a woman with a deep love for cooking and a heart full of compassion. As they brainstormed ways to raise funds for the nonprofit, Meki suggested something truly unique – why not share her mouthwatering Hawaiian dishes with the community? And so, the idea of a food fundraiser was born.

This week, Meki showcases her culinary skills with her infamous Char Sui Chicken and the exquisite special Hawaiian Kahlua BBQ pork dish. The Char Sui Chicken is marinated in a balanced blend of sweet and savory flavors. And the true star of the show is the special Hawaiian Kahlua dish – a slow-cooked masterpiece featuring tender, succulent pork infused with the richness of Kahlua and island spices. The WW community is in for a treat like never before!

The Fall Fundraiser Event:

"With our hearts set on the cause and our passion in the dishes, this week, we offer a taste of true Hawaiian paradise. Calling all Families and friends! Indulge in delectable Hawaiian flavors, and learn about our mission to empower children through our nonprofit - BOOKS and Basketball Incorporated" - TIARE TATUM, FOUNDER OF BOOKS & BASKETBALL INC.

Now, dear readers, comes the part where you can make a difference.

By indulging in the tantalizing Hawaiian dishes offered at our food fundraiser, you're not just treating yourself to a culinary adventure – you're also supporting a cause that matters.

Your purchase of a $6 sandwich , $13 plate or an $18 combo plate will directly contribute to Tiare's nonprofit and help provide underprivileged children with opportunities they deserve.

Sponsor a Child's Dreams:

Imagine the impact your contribution could make – a child discovering the magic of reading through a new book, or gaining confidence and life skills on the basketball court. Your choice to support our nonprofit through this food fundraiser is a tangible way to uplift the future generation.

So, this weekend, starting:

FRIDAY, September 1st until MONDAY September 4th (12pm until sold out)

join our food fundraiser event, and witness Tiare and Meki's dedication and love for children and food collide in a heartwarming symphony.

Let's make this event a resounding success together and create a brighter future for children in our community!

Thank you for joining us on this inspiring journey. We hope this story has touched your heart as much as it has ours. Together, we can prove that even a simple act like savoring a delicious meal can be a powerful force for positive change. Let's rally around Tiare's cause, enjoy Meki's culinary creations, and sponsor a child's dreams through this unique and flavorful fundraiser!